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  • HARD TIME3:12

An evolution of soulful songs with the harmonies of Cynthia Beatty, David Gill, and Jamal Sawab. Released June 2015

Genetic Confetti

Clowns of the Sea 

feel the musical mojo

Premier album, with whimsical folk, bluegrass, jazz, and world beat.  Released June 2014

Original singer/songwriter lyrical harmonies with the voices of Cynthia Beatty, Jimmy Clark, and Joshua Kobel. 

Gypsy punk rock, soulful blues, insightful indie folk, swinging reggae, whimsical spiritual, singer/songwriter Americana.

Instrumentation includes: electric and acoustic guitars, bass, ukulele, orchestral harp, keyboard, synth, trap set, hand drums, harmonium, ocarina, chimes...

 Sofeya and the Puffins