Jan 31   7pm   St. Thomas  Coffee House, Linglestown, PA

Mar 14   7pm   Jay House Concert, New Plains, PA

May 1    3pm   Spoutwood May Day Festival

Jun 13   1pm   Middletown Hist. Soc. Arts & Antique Auto Show, Hoffer Park, PA

June 26-28   New York Faerie Festival, Ouaquaga, NY

Jul 12   3pm   Yoga Market, Linglestown, PA

Jul 18   7pm   St. Thomas Coffee House, Linglestown PA

Jul 24   7pm    Artis Defiance Photography Art Show, Bubes Brewery, Mt. Joy PA

Aug 23   1pm   Yoga Market, Lingelstown, PA

Aug 28   7pm St. Thomas Coffee, Linglestown, PA

Sept 9   7pm   O'Conner Benefit Concert with Frenchy and the Punk, Dundalk Sparrow Point Moose Lodge #1228,  Dundalk, MD

Oct 3   7pm   Puffins House Concert with The Wild Hymns (from York, PA) located in  Harrisburg, PA (email us for the


Oct 10 Private Wedding, Hunting Club, Felton, PA

​Oct 31 HALLOWEEN Savannahs on Hanna, Harrisburg, PA

Nov 21   7pm Terrapin House Concert, Newark, Delaware

Dec 6   6pm  Braxton Benefit HMAC, 1110 N. 3rd St., Harrisburg, PA  

Dec 19   8pm House Concert, 6225 Blue Stone Ave., Linglestown, PA

Dec 31   7pm Private New Years Eve Party, South Central PA


Jan 14    8pm  Alma Mater Bar, Restaurant and Concert Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Feb 6    8pm St. Thomas Roasters Coffee House, Linglestown, PA

Mar 5   8pm St. Thomas Roaster Coffee House, Linglestown, PA

Apr 2   8pm St. Thomas Roasters Coffee House, Linglestown, PA

Apr 9-10 11am   Festival of Legends, Raleigh, North Carolina

Apr 29    3pm   Spoutwood May Day Fairie Festival, Glen Rock, PA

Apr 29    7pm   Spoutwood May Day Fairie Festival 25th Anniversary Banquet, Glen Rock Mill Inn, Glen Rock, PA  (limited)  

May 7   8pm St. Thomas Roasters Coffee House, Linglestown, PA

May 14   1pm Baltimore Faerie Faire, Church of the Guardian Angel, Baltimore, MD 

Jun 2   8-10pm   St. Thomas Roasters Coffee House, Linglestown, PA

Jun 11-12    Maryland Faerie Festival, Darlington, MD

Jun 17-18   Avalon Faerie Fest,  Avalon Resort, Paw Paw,  WV 

Jun 24-26  New York Faerie Festival, Ouaquaga, NY     

Jul 12-18    Starwood Festival, Wisteria Camp Ground, Pomeroy, Ohio

Sept. 4   Kipona Festival, Paddlewheel Cafe, City Island, Harrisburg, PA   3:30-4:30pm

Sep 17    Central NY Pagan Pride Day Festival, Long Branch Park, Syracuse, NY

Sep 18   DC Pagan Pride Day, Dupont Circle, Washington, DC   3:15pm

Oct 1    Puffins House Concert , Halifax, PA , Love Shack  7pm

​​Oct 22   Mystery Trance Festival, Mossy Point Campground, Elysburg, PA    3pm  

Nov 15   Sofeya Puffins at Private Holiday Concert, Elizabethville, PA

Dec 11 and 18    Standing Rock Benefit, HMAC, Harrisburg, PA   1pm

Dec 17    Teds' Bar and Grill, Allentown Blvd. Harrisburg, PA   9pm​

Dec 20   Goddess Mountain Sanctuary, Montague, MA   7pm 

Dec 24   Garnet Hill Lodge, North River, NY   7pm


Feb 24   Millennium Music Conference and Showcase, Midtown Scholar Bookstore.  Harrisburg, PA   8:30pm

Mar 29   Oddfellows Home, Middletown, PA   2pm

May 24   Oddfellows Home, Middletown, PA   2pm

Jun 9   4pm Private Wedding

Jun 9-10   Avalon Faerie Fest,  Avalon Resort, Paw Paw,  WV 

Jun 23-25    New York Faerie Festival, Ouaquaga, NY

Jul 11-17   Starwood Festival, Pomeroy, Ohio, Wisteria Campground

Aug 12  7pm  Rock and Gem Show and House Concert, Linglestown, PA

Sept 7   Middletown Home,  percussion therapy with Sofeya Puffins at 1pm

Oct  14   6-9pm Royal Oaks Winery and Vineyard, Lebanon, PA


Sofeya and the Puffins

Candice Blake  (violin)

Joseph Osborne  (keys, guitar, singer/song writer)

David Gill (percussion, guitar, singer/songwriter)

Jasper Mae Corcoran (harp)

Jamal Sawab (Vocals)

Amber Fetteroff (Hand Drums)

River Barry (hand drums, magician)

Kenny White (bass)

Bill Wasch (electric lead guitar)

Jay Kirssen (bass)

Dwayne Jackson (drums)

Clinton Daub, aka, Eli Charelston (lead, slide guitar)

Dave Patterson (bass, lead guitar)

Rick Kushner (songwriter, guitar)

Criston O'Leary Rock (guitar)

Billy Bardo (songwriter, muse)

Greg Ferrar (mandolin, violin)

Obrogio (bass)

Billy Woods (percussion)

Tony Sferlazza (harmonica)

Jonathan Frazier (keys, flute)

Everet Warren (bass)

John Protopapas (percussion)

Adam Beatty (bass)

Vocals, ukulele, guitar, keys, ocarina, percussion

News & Events

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We are so happy to announce that  our second music video created for the 8th track on our GENETIC CONFETTI CD, WHERE ARE YOU TONIGHT is now available to view on YouTube. Filmed at Bubes Brewery and Central Hotel, in Mt. Joy, PA. A most magical and amazing location! Thank you to all the awesome folks, fans, friends, and family that helped create a western steampunk theme which worked so well in the antiquely decorated and very haunted place. Have you been down in the catacombs?

Almost 2 decades of life as a glass artist (Magic Moonshadows Stained Glass) Cynthia was still writing songs and childrens' stories, singing when time allowed. Inspired by the moonlit fires and dancing drum circles enjoyed at art and music festivals, Cynthias' whimsical chants and soulful songs bloomed when collaborating with several talented musicians...Sofeya and the Puffins came to be. She grew up singing gospel in church, (Daddy was a Baptist minister) playing the piano, and singing solos in an award winning high school choir. She performed on local radio in elementary school, and cultivated her vocal range of 3+ octaves singing opera in college. Writing songs began when she was gifted her first guitar as a mom of three, then came the ukellele... 

Who are the Puffins?


About the Band       


Honorary Puffins have included:

Cynthia Beatty, aka Sofeya Puffins

Sofeya and the Puffins combine singer/songwriter lyrical mojo, soulful harmonies, with unusual instrumentation. The strings of the uke, harp, guitar bloom genres ranging from gypsy punk rock, swinging blues, world beat ballads, indie folk, and contemporary spiritual. Projects so far: